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Thai Massage is a traditional style of deep-tissue massage that although invigorating leaves the client feeling very relaxed and stress free. For this massage treatment, our therapists integrate massage with breathing and stretching techniques.  our experienced therapists engage their palms to warm and assess the client’s muscles also use thumbs, elbows, forearms and knees in the treatment, for gaining the correct angles and applied pressure to then re-awaken the body’s energy flow and unblock muscle tension. Our therapist will begin with a traditional style Thai massage which involves stretching, breathing and deep-tissue massage techniques to release many lingering tension and soreness combine with oil massage to complete the treatment with a relaxing feeling, We are  available in North Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, Dockland, West Melbourne, Kensington, Flamington, Parkville, Carlton, and the surrounding Melbourne suburbs

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Benefits of Thai Combination Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage? Apart from being effective to get rid of aches and pains, massage can also be a delicious “escape” for relaxing for a moment. So, of the many types of massage available, have you tried Thai massage from a land of a thousand pagodas?

Slightly different from massage in general, which requires you to lie still on your stomach, Thai combination massage will make you actively move between positions. Your body may even be pulled here and there by the massage therapist. So, what are the benefits of Thai massage that we can feel?

Benefits of Thai massage for your body health

1. Reduce stress

Stress can affect your mental and physical health. In fact, continued severe stress has been linked to the risk of serious illnesses such as depression and cardiovascular disease.

According to a 2015 study, getting a thai massage while under stress can reduce levels of AA substances. The sAA is a certain stress marker that is present in your saliva. The researchers concluded that Thai massage was more effective at dealing with stress than simply resting or sleeping.

2. Increase stamina

Research has shown that the benefits of thai massage can increase stamina. An experiment tried to distinguish between the benefits of Thai massage Melbourne and Swedish massage in people who are tired.

As a result, Thai massage is more potent and effective in increasing body energy than Swedish massage which only provides a relaxed and relaxed sensation so that the person sleeps easily.

3. Blood circulation

Other benefits of Thai massage are believed to improve blood circulation. During the massage, you will be asked to get up from lying down and bend your body according to the therapist’s instructions. In a way, the body maneuvers during a Thai massage feel like yoga. A body that is constantly active means that the heart works more efficiently to circulate oxygenated blood to all body tissues. This oxygen-filled blood is what will benefit the health of every organ in you.

A study revealed that Thai massage on the feet is especially beneficial in improving the balance of the body of people who have nerve problems, especially people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy due to complications of diabetes. Researchers believe that a smoother blood circulation will stimulate the somatosensory system to work better too. It is a system that plays a major role in the balance of your body.

4. Make the body more flexible

Thai massage, whose movements are known to be similar to yoga stretches, can help the body feel more flexible and flexible. The gentle but gentle stretches in this Thai massage will most likely make your body more flexible if done regularly.

In addition, the benefits of Thai massage can also improve the circulation of synovial fluids between the joints. These fluids reduce friction between joints. So if your body doesn’t get aches and pains easily when moving, this is probably a testament to the benefits of routine Thai massage.

How often should Thai massage be?

You are not required to massage frequently. The reason is, Thai massage will press the muscles and stretch the limbs out of tolerance at that time. If done too often, it is feared that there will be bad side effects on your body.

After the Thai massage, try to rest and drink lots of water. It is also recommended to do other activities such as doing stretching and relaxation exercises which have the same effect as Thai massage.

If you experience pain during Thai massage, it’s good to stop and tell the therapist. Do not forget to also say before the massage, what health conditions you have so that the therapist can provide a suitable massage.

In addition to its physical wellness offerings, the wellness center Melbourne at Relax Day Spa also places a strong emphasis on mental wellness. The center offers therapy sessions, stress management workshops, and other programs designed to help visitors improve their mental and emotional wellbeing. The holistic approach to wellness is what sets this center apart from others in Melbourne.


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