Insomnia is a sleep disorder that causes sufferers to have difficulty sleeping, or not getting enough sleep, even though there is enough time to do so. This disturbance causes the patient’s condition to be not in a fit condition for the next day’s activities. Insomnia can be caused by many things. One of the causes of insomnia is something that triggers stress. For example, because they think too much about work, health conditions, or finances. Stress can also be caused by a grieving event, such as illness or death when a spouse or immediate family person with insomnia usually has one or more symptoms. In addition, this sleep disorder is also distinguished based on its intensity, namely acute and chronic. Acute insomnia occurs in the short term. It lasts from one night to or within a few weeks, it’s just that the symptoms come and go. Meanwhile, chronic insomnia can last longer, namely three nights a week, a month, or more and is felt almost every night.


Stress : Anything you worry about in your life, such as work, school, health, or family can make your mind too active to sleep at night.

Bad sleep habits : Bad sleep habits often make you sleep deprived. This could be the result of you playing on your phone or doing some physical activity before bedtime, an uncomfortable sleeping environment.

Drug use : Several types of drugs can cause sleep disturbances, including antidepressants, corticosteroids, drugs for hypertension and other types of drugs.

Common Symptoms :

Insomnia is a disorder that affects not only the quantity / quantity, but also the quality / quality of your sleep. Those with insomnia are unable to sleep at night and usually feel anxious during the day. They also often wake up at night and have trouble getting back to sleep after waking up. Headaches are common. Some patients rely on alcohol or sleeping pills to fall asleep. Those who suffer from insomnia usually feel tired during the day and are unable to maintain a balance of mood and emotions. They also usually experience a decline in performance or work function and may experience problems with memory and concentration. This leads to more mistakes at work or at school and may be dangerous for their daily lives.

How Reflexology Works Overcoming Insomnia :

Reflexology is a traditional healing technique originating from China and Egypt. The hands and feet contain millions of nerve endings, and reflexology in this area is believed to be able to detect and treat various health problems that you may experience. Reflexology massage is able to relieve tension in the body. For that, you can do this simple massage movement to reduce insomnia. In contrast to regular massage or massage, reflexology focuses more on points on the body, especially on the feet and hands. The points of the body are directly connected to the nerves of the organ, so that when massaged will affect the function of the organ.

1. How to deal with insomnia with the first massage method is that you can start with the point above the big toe. At that point area, try to massage the tip of the big toe in a circular motion while applying a little pressure and hold it for a few seconds. Do this repeatedly so that it can help you deal with insomnia. You can use eucalyptus oil or baby oil to give a warm effect to the foot area.

2. How to deal with insomnia with the second massage method is to massage the big toe with the thumb. Start doing massaging movements from the side of your toes and moving from the bottom up. Then move on to the center of your toes and then to the other side of the toes. Repeat the massage motion at least 3 times. This is so that your massage method can provide maximum benefits for overcoming sleep disorders

3. How to deal with insomnia with the next massage method by massaging the top of the foot. The way you can do is massage the top of the foot and move it up to the area of your toes. Press all parts of the foot. To get maximum results, it is recommended that you do this method repeatedly until your legs and body feel relaxed and can overcome insomnia.

4. How to overcome insomnia with the massage method which is then followed by a massage technique pressing the thumb while holding the foot, from one side to the other in a circular motion. To get maximum results, it is advisable to repeat the massage movements at least 3 times so that the body feels relaxed and can help maintain quality sleep.

5. How to deal with insomnia with the massage method which is then followed by a massage technique on the middle of the foot using the thumb in a circular motion. To give the maximum effect, you can press the points and hold for a few seconds. This will help stimulate and relax the muscles and nerves in your leg area. Repeat this movement at least 3 times so that the body feels relaxed and comfortable to sleep.