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Gua Sha Facial Melbourne CBD

Gua Sha Facial

Gua means ‘scrape’ and Sha means ‘petechiae’ (tiny, flat red, purple spots) in Chinese,” says Dr. Ervina Wu, PhD, L.Ac., and the co-founder of YINA. “Gua Sha began as a full body treatment—which most people don’t realize since facial techniques have recently become popular. The key point is to scrape the skin (commonly the upper back) to invigorate blood flow, release heat-toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage, activate various points of the body, and bring helpful cells to the area by stimulating an immune response

Our Gua Sha Facial is optional for those that book any of Facial Treatment.
Gua Sha process will takes about 15 minutes and started as soon as double cleanse process done by the therapist the purpose not only it gives benefit blood circulation, and relaxes the muscle it also helps to prepare skin better for the next step of the facial treatment and the long term purpose to help maintain the skin firmness.

Gua Sha 15 minutes :$45

(Please note this service is not offered on a stand alone service)

Gua Sha Facial



Gua Sha Facial