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Couples Massage Melbourne CBD

Couple Massage Melbourne

Indulge the one you care the most with our couple massage treatment, give them the best quality time, we’ll ensure you and your love one having the most relaxing experience together. You and your partner can choose any style of massage to suit your needs, as we do understand each person are different. Our couple room designed to make you feel close together, you may create stronger bond even though you are having own relaxing time.

Our couple massage can also be gifted making them the perfect gift for wedding days, engagements, birthdays, or just because you want to spoil special one in your life. Couple massage in North Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, Dockland, West Melbourne, Kensington, Flamington, Parkville, Carlton, and the surrounding Melbourne suburbs












Note: Cash discount available T/c apply.

Couple Massage Melbourne CBD

Couple Massage Spa With Couples Making Romantic Relationships Again

Recently your partner has been moody and daydreaming a lot. Come on, take your partner for a couple spa for a moment. Daily routine can result in physical burnout and even mental stress, especially for those who live in urban areas. Monotonous activities, job demands, the many household needs and the needs of children certainly drain a lot of energy which sometimes affects their daily mood. If we are unable to manage our abilities and mind burdens, of course this condition can get worse. There are many solutions we can do to overcome boredom and fatigue, especially if you are currently married and even have children. Don’t let our relationship with our partner feel even bland because routine is not always a priority. Every now and then there’s nothing wrong with reminiscing or spending time with your partner by inviting your partner to do a couple massage.

What is Couple Massage Spa ?

Spa is a body treatment in the form of relaxation methods that provide benefits for health and beauty. The Couple Spa treatments consist of body scrubs, steam, massage and sauna. In Indonesia, spas have become a tradition of our ancestors. This spa was previously reserved for aristocrats or kings’ daughters. Usually the princess (palace) will do a spa in the form of scrubs before facing the king or before dancing for royal events. Nowadays, there are many beauty salons that offer more complete spa facilities for women, men, families or even couple spas. For married couples, a couple spa can be done to enjoy time together on weekends / holidays or it can be a moment to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Benefits of Couple Massage Spa in Melbourne

Apart from strengthening the relationship between husband and wife, couple spa has many benefits. Here we summarize some of the important benefits of a couple spa, namely:

– Enjoying time and togetherness

Daily activities do require that you always meet face to face and talk to your partner. However, it turns out that this activity is just a normal and normal routine so it doesn’t give off an intimate and romantic impression. For example: breakfast and go to work with your partner. When you and your partner decide to do a couple spa, it means that you and your partner can enjoy a closer and more romantic time together. You can enjoy this togetherness through spa treatments such as body scrubs and body massages side by side with your partner.

– Improve communication

Both wives and husbands are often busy with busy work schedules, so they sometimes ignore communication with their partners. In another situation, there are also married couples who require Long Distance Married (LDM) because of their work that cannot be left behind. Invite your partner to do a couple spa with the aim of making the husband and wife’s inner bond closer so that they can slowly improve communication and prevent misunderstandings that often occur.

– Increase vitality and intimacy

Couple spa in the form of massage with lavender oil fragrance will provide serenity for married couples that can increase the oxytocin substance in the body. Through this substance, feelings of happiness, intimacy and romance will automatically increase in your body and in your partner.

– New and fun recreation

Maybe you often do activities together with your partner such as dinner, watching exciting movies at the cinema, or recreation such as traveling. Have you ever thought about doing a new and exciting recreation? Go to the spa to do a couple spa, for example. The atmosphere and pleasant spa treatments will certainly make your quality time more meaningful. It is guaranteed that this couple spa will be an unforgettable recreation.

– Avoiding drug addiction habits

The side effects of using drugs such as supplements, diet drugs, or other drug dependence result in reduced harmony between husband and wife. If you and your partner intend to fix it, immediately set aside time together with regular intensity. Invite your partner to do a couple spa, because one of the benefits of spa massage treatments is to detox the body and provide fitness to the nerves of the muscles. 

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