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Chemical Peeling Melbourne CBD

Chemical Peeling

Do you think of having a chemical peel done in Melbourne? If you are looking for a chemical peel in Melbourne which help you to achieve your dream skin. meet our experience beautician at Relax Day Spa.

Many of you may wonder what the benefit of Chemical Peeling?
As it’s name, A chemical peel use a chemical solution that’s applied to the skin in order to cause the damaged outer layers to peel off.
The outer layer of skin will peel off and the newest skin where it’s younger healthier skin will appear.
It benefit for reduce acne scar,
Fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing such as Large pores, Scars, Age spots And more
Do you required a downtime after chemical peeling?
This can depend on the type of peel chosen. If you get a superficial chemical peel facial, there typically isn’t any downtime required, as the treatment only causes mild redness on the face. However, medium peels may require few days to heal which will be discussed with you in your initial consultation
How long does it take?
At Relax Day Spa our chemical peeling will need about 45 minutes plus 15 minutes complementary consultation for first customer to complete.

Chemical Peeling
45 minutes:$165

Chemical Peeling



Chemical Peeling