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Body Wrap Treatment Melbourne CBD

Body Wrap Treatment

What’s body wrap? What the benefit of wrap treatment?
You may heard this treatment but has never try one before. Body wrap treatment has great benefit for body and one you must try when you pamper your body and mind.

Brief benefit of Body Wrap:
1. Detoxify
2. Maximum Moisturiser
3. Exfoliate, cleanse dirt on outer layer of the skin
4. Relaxation
5. Warming the body and Increase blood circulation
6. Improve appearance of the skin
7. Temporarily result on weight loss.
8. Rejuvenate and Tightening the skin.

On this treatment you will start with body exfoliate and a light dry brush all over your body which help remove impurities and dead skin, it also promotes sensory and Relaxation, follow with a intense body wrap of your choice depend on type of wrap would you like to get, you may choose one for deep moisturiser, reduce stretch mark, improve cellulite. You will be on the cocoon wrap while enjoying scalp massage.
The journey will end by unwrap and clean you with warm towel or warm shower follow with one of our favourite of body butter for maximum moistures

60 minute : $125
90 minutes : $175

Body Wrap Treatment