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Body Scrub Rejuvenate Melbourne

Body Scrubs rejuvenate your skin, remove dead skin cells and bring a glowing lustre to your skins appearance. Experience happier, healthier, younger looking skin. The body scrub exfoliates hard to reach dead skin and stimulate blood circulation, thus providing a fertile environment for muscle healing and regeneration. The body scrub is designed to help smooth out your skin and help you to shine. A beautiful massage then follows to treat muscles and mind, a truly beautiful treatment!

This is truly one of body treatment you can’t miss.
So if you are in Melbourne and wonder on where to get a good massage and body treatment near Melbourne CBD?

Changing of weather can easily damage your skin.
Take care of the largest part of your body while your mind wonder away enjoying relaxing treatment from Body Scrub Rejuvenate.
Yes! Combination massage and body exfoliate in the same time at Relax Day Spa.
We love to take care of you body, mind and soul!

Ps: try 90 minutes body scrub rejuvenate for maximum result, adds on Body Milk treatment at the end and watch yours skin glowing ✨✨

Body Scrub