techniques such as gentle stretching, curling and stroking, skin rolling and pressure point stimulation to increase blood, lymph and energy flow.

This deep tissue massage is done using the palms of the hands. Therapists apply essential oils to the body which stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen in the body. Usually this massage is done on a floor mattress or sofa. Aromatherapy techniques are combined with massage to promote calm and open up the knotted tissue to prevent muscle breakdown.


Benefits of Balinese Massage

Here are some of the main benefits of Balinese massage:

– Harmonizing mind and body
– Relieves joint pain and muscle tension
– Soothes damaged tissue
– Improve blood circulation
– Relieves stress
– Improve mood
– Repair muscle damage


However, it deals with sports-induced injuries. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, you should consult your doctor before opting for this Balinese massage. Bali is one of the best Indonesian islands that has developed its own version of massage. Balinese massage is a blend of traditional and modern massage techniques that help the body to heal both physically and mentally and mentally. 


You feel relaxed and at the same time reduce stress. Here are the different types of Balinese massage:


– Muscle massage

– Lombok massage

– Sasak massage

– Javanese Lulur Ritual (This is a tradition performed on the bride and groom a few days before their wedding

– Boreh Bali (This massage technique was invented by rice farmers to relieve pain.) It is brought with a paste of ground spices.)


What oils are used in Balinese massage?

To make this massage treatment effective, therapists use different oils.

– Balinese Oil: This is an exclusive oil that can only be found in Indonesia. Frangipaniöl is a special oil.

– Vegetable Oil: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil, Thaitian Monoi Oil.

– Essential Oil: Rose Oil etc.


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